triangular frenzy.

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I’ve been on a triangle kick since, say, 10th grade?!
I mean, who hasn’t, right? They’re everywhere! I’ve been collecting different uses of triangles on my Pinterest board a lot lately and thought I’d share some with you today. They’re so basic yet so versatile… from wallpaper to artful collages to modern architecture to graphic clothing to eclectic place settings to colorful quilts – triangles look good just about anywhere. They’re simple and graphic and you can change the pattern up in so many fun ways just by switching up colors, the formation, or the medium you use to depict them. It’s no wonder why triangles are a mega-trend that just won’t die!

Here are some more great pieces of artwork that use triangles in unique ways:





And, if you didn’t already catch it, I painted a laptop case with triangles recently as a present, too. Do you love triangles as much as I do or are you totally over them? I don’t think I could ever be over them, really. I’d permanently paint a section of my wall with little triangles if I could… and hey, who says I can’t?
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